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The Alliance of Gig Workers is a non-profit organization serving the goals and needs of small businesses, the self-employed, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs from across the nation. Since its inception Alliance of Gig Workers has been dedicated to providing benefits and resources to help its members with professional, lifestyle and health-related benefits, as well as advocacy opportunities so they can have a voice on issues that may impact their success. Despite changes to the economy and the health care landscape that have made an uncertain future, Alliance of Gig Workers is focused on assisting its members in any way possible and growing into a leader for the independent business person.


Alliance of Gig Workers membership is open to small businesses, the self-employed, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs ages 18 and over. Diversity makes us stronger. Members come from every corner of main street, from the driver in Louisiana to the graphic designer in Florida. You are our focus.


At Alliance of Gig Workers we seek out quality benefits, services and resources to help members succeed by reducing costs and taking control of both their personal and financial health. With the group buying power of an Association Alliance of Gig Workers members receive discounts on business, health and even consumer products and services. As well we strive to provide our members with valuable information relevant to your life. Alliance of Gig Workers shares information on business, finance, wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, philanthropy and more through our newsletters, website and emails.

Our commitment to membership defines us. We will continue seeking out new and improved benefits so that we may remain a valued resource, a valued partner for small businesses throughout the nation