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Teladoc's Mental Health service

Speak with a licensed therapist from anywhere

Around the world, people need greater access to high-quality mental healthcare. Mental Health helps Members everyday who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, down, or lonely, by providing confidential counseling via phone or video.

Members can book appointments with ease to speak to board certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists or therapists, all from the comfort of their home!

Mental Health often helps Members who are experiencing the following:

✓ Addiction ✓ Family difficulties ✓ Stress
✓ Anxiety ✓ Grief counseling ✓ Eating issues
✓ Panic disorder ✓ Cosmetic Dentistry ✓ Work pressures
✓ Big life changes ✓ Marital issues ✓ Struggles with personal issues
✓ Depression ✓ PTSD ✓ And more


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